A few years back, I attended a seminar that was held by Marshall Sylver, who is a renowned public speaker and motivator. He is also someone who is constantly pushing himself to take the next step, whether in his business or personal life. I’ve been around some great salespeople during my life but Marshall is easily one of the best salesmen I’ve ever met. He is the type of guy who will have people getting out of their seats to purchase whatever product he is selling even before the presentation is over.

Marshall has made many millions during his lifetime but one of his goals was to become a billionaire. In order to do that, he felt that he had to surround himself with other billionaires. One of the first people who came to mind was a gentleman named Richard Branson. For those of you who aren’t aware, Richard Branson created Virgin Records and signed the likes of Culture Club, Phil Collins and Human League during the 1980’s. He later went on to found Virgin Airlines and is even working on his next project, Virgin Galactic, where he is literally selling trips to the moon.

Anyway, Marshall needed to find a way to get in touch with Mr. Branson so he found out that Richard was hosting a dinner at $5000 per head and it was limited to about ten people. Marshall asked if he could pay $25,000 in order to have a one on one dinner with Branson. When he was told that he couldn’t have the one on one, he asked if he could at least be seated to the right of Branson during dinner so that they could have some conversation. So for the same $25,000, Marshall at least had the ability to sit to his right. What grew from that initial conversation was a relationship that has since spawned a friendship between the two men and a bit of a mentorship for Marshall if you want to call it that.

My point in telling this story is not only to amuse and entertain but also to show the willingness to take risk and ask for what you want. Marshall decided to do both in this particular case and wound up getting back much more in return. For those of you out there who are playing with the idea of becoming real estate investors but just haven’t taken the leap of faith, I encourage to think about examples like this one and put yourself out there. Your own freedom is the cost you will pay for letting those negative thoughts ruin the opportunities that are out there. For more info on how you can get started in real estate investing, go here.

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