Rivers of Income, LLC Imagine that you were less busy than you are now and you were making MORE MONEY and on top of that, you were making it from diversified sources that were all potential businesses in and of themselves. This is about working smarter instead of harder. Once you have learned how to master that main line of expertise, the other sources can be grown just by being open minded enough to pursue them…and they can grow PASSIVELY. This is not your average, ordinary system. But I’m sure you’ve heard that before, right? You may be familiar with the word, “short sale” already because it just happens to be one of the hottest aspects of the entire real estate market right now. However, I was making money with short sales even before it was such a hot topic of discussion. In fact, I remember speaking in front of rooms full of people who had never even heard of the word, “short sale.” But now that has all changed. Everybody knows what a short sale is…but not everyone knows how to profit from them. That’s where I come in…. "Focus is not a little bit of energy all the time, it's a lot of energy less of the time"

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David "The Diamond" Oswald

About David “The Diamond” Oswald

David Oswald, founder of Rivers of Income, LLC,  is an outsourcing enthusiast who has applied this concept to all of his businesses including real estate investing, public speaking and mortgages.  With the nation’s recent growth in home based businesses, Oswald has taken the opportunity to train many people throughout the country on how to increase the amount of productive time spent versus simply being busy.  As his book, “101 Ways to Outsource Your Life and Business” explains, there are many ways to eliminate the mundane tasks from your life that prevent you from truly getting things done.

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What others are saying

I've been working with David now and the first property that I did with his guidance was an investment property and sold within the time frame of my mentorship with him…

Real Estate Investor, company

I just closed another deal with David Oswald. Working with Dave is a pleasure.  He takes a lot of the work off my plate. I don't have to any long negotiations over the phone. He just gives me the deals … and we close them…



Over the past 6 months I've spent a lot of time with David, I've entered his real estate mentoring program and although I've made over twenty one thousand dollars over the past few months, what's really got me excited is the mentality change I've had…

Real Estate Investor

Although I'm an experienced investor, I've gotten some great tips listening to David and he's straightened out some questions that I had, I recommend you come and check out David ‘The Diamond' He's awesome…


Real Estate Investor

Listen as you see one of David's students actually finishing up a BPO appraisal at a property LIVE….


Real Estate Investor

I just got done seeing David Oswald speak and man, he is explosive!  He is the nation's best kept secret…


Real Estate Investor

I am required to tell you how likely it is that you will be as successful as some of the case studies and testimonials that you see here.  That's difficult to answer but I can tell you that these individuals did not act in an ‘average' way.  They opened the product(s), committed to the systems, possibly invested in coaching or mentoring and made it work.  The vast majority simply do not implement anything and therefore have zero results.  Neither myself or any of my companies that I am affiliated with make any guarantees about the type of income you will make or your results but one question you may want to ask yourself is…are you average?

LandLord Leads

LandLord Leads

Check out this short video where I explain how you can literally close deals with the same cash buyer investors over and over!  Not only does this prevent you from having to start up new relationships over and over again, this creates lasting relationships that leads...

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Short That Sale

Short That Sale

Think You Can Do This? I Think You Can… Here’s the Inside Scoop: Follow Closely… My System Just Happens to Focus on the Hottest and Easiest Part of the Real Estate Market to Get Involved – ' The World of SHORT SALES. By coming to the rescue and controlling these...

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Outsource It All

Outsource It All

I’m about to share something with you, but I’ve got to say, it’s only for those who are serious and ready to inject their life and business with… Massive Amounts of Time and a System to Execute It. If you’re not serious about your business growth or you’re not sold on...

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