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I am giving you permission to mix business and pleasure. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but think about something for a minute. What if your business actually was your pleasure (or one of your pleasures)?

I believe that is possible. Why? 

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Imagine that you were less busy than you are now and you were making MORE MONEY and on top of that, you were making it from diversified sources that were all potential businesses in and of themselves. See, many people think that this sounds like more work than they are doing right now but that is not the case. Instead, this is about working smarter instead of harder. Once you have learned how to master that main line of expertise, the other sources can be grown just by being open minded enough to pursue them…and they can grow PASSIVELY.

Because I live that feeling almost daily.

See, I believe that you probably became a real estate investor or an entrepreneur because you thought it would create something different in the way that you viewed life.

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Some of you have found it, while many of you are thinking that real estate investing seems to consume just as much if not more of your time than what you used to do at your job! And that's without the ‘security' of a consistent paycheck.

Believe it or not, there are habits that you are still practicing from your old way of life that are getting in the way of you actually being successful at whatever entrepreneurial pursuit you may have going on now.

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So now that I've made you aware of them, it's as simple as realizing what they are and making some small changes - SOON (as in NOW).

These changes are not Harder, they are just Different. That's all.

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