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DavidOswald_cutoutHere’s why…you have to pick something and become an expert in it, right? There’s no sense in being jack of all trades and master of none. So I’m bringing you into an aspect of the business where there is the MOST OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED WHILE TAKING THE LEAST RISK. Don’t forget, I’ve already walked in your shoes for a minute, remember? I know what it’s like to have those feelings of excitement but also those feelings of fear. I know what it’s like to wonder if I can do this job effectively in 7-10 hours per week.
Lucky for you, the answer is YES. You don’t have to do this like it’s a full time thing. To this day, I only spend about 10 hours per week myself even though I could devote all of my time to it if I wanted to. The fact of the matter is that it just does not take that much time if your doing things right. And that’s what I teach you to do – The Right Way. And it’s Your World, Your Way (this is just me plugging my company’s tagline again, don’t mind me).
Another beauty of the real estate business is that you can build a pretty large pipeline of business and become everybody’s best friend. Now, all the end buyers will look forward to getting emails from you regarding the deals that were negotiated and you can simply wholesale to them without picking up a hammer or even closing on them yourself. All you have to do is move a little paper around. If your really good, like me, you may never even see the property yourself! But Dave, how do you do that? Follow me, kid…I’ll teach you all the tricks of the trade.

And even the moving paper part I’m going to eliminate from your hands as well. See, many gurus teach YOU how to get on the phone and negotiate your own real estate. That’s all well and good but its TIME CONSUMING. And you all know that “The Diamond” values his time and so should YOU. Therefore, by joining my mentorship program I am going to take the work of negotiating with the banks and leave that to the experts….the members of my team….



Here's What you get


1. Written Goals for Next 6 months and 1 Year
Few people realize the importance of written goals. You ask many people what their goals are and they may say something very general like, “I want to quit my job by the end of next year.” Ok, fair enough. But have you designed a plan to make sure that goal happens and does not become just another New Year’s Resolution that failed miserably? We sit down and hash out what you really want to accomplish, put it on paper, design a plan and then put dates next to the plan to make sure it becomes REALITY. Your World, Your Way!
2. Unlimited Access to Myself for the First 30 Days of Program
Now you know it’s official. I’m really crazy. I am willing to give you unlimited access to ME for the first 30 days of the program. Fortunately, most people have not abused this with me. However, this is my license to you to get on the phone and make it happen. See, most questions during the mentorship usually arise in the first couple of months. After that, it’s smooth sailing because you’ve experienced many of the situations. But because my goal is to see you succeed, I offer this Unlimited Plan to you. After the first 30 days, you will get 4 calls per month to me when you have a deal worth talking about.
3.Copy of My 'Outsource it All' Digital Real Estate Product
This is HUGE! The benefits of this product go even beyond the world of just real estate investing. You see, I know that you got into real estate partly because you wanted to create a better lifestyle along the way. This product shows you how to do that while working your business the RIGHT way. The ‘Outsource it All' Digital Home Study Kit includes 6 MP3's, 8 Videos, a 30 Day Blueprint to get you started right out of the gate and a bunch of bonuses. Remind me to tell you about all of them when we speak!
4. Analysis of Your Deals
Let's be honest, everybody needs this part. We’ll look at each deal before you submit and make a determination if it’s a strong candidate so we don’t waste our own time and then we’ll get ‘er done (as Larry the Cable Guy would say). Not only will you have my input as far as looking at your deal, but you’ll also have direct contact with a few other members of my team regarding this part. You’re now part of the Rivers of Income INNER CIRCLE.
5. Revealing of My Marketing Pieces
As I say in my seminars, I have a direct mail piece that has always pulled great responses. I’m talking off the scale of traditional direct mail. I REVEAL that piece to you. In addition, I show you where to get the cheapest materials out there to support the marketing arm of your business. Follow me!
6. Access to My Personal Library of Education
As I mention at my seminars, I have spent quite a bit on my own real estate investing education and now you too, will have access to that information. Once we get you going on your way to success, I’ll pull back the curtain to show you how to maneuver with some of these other deals.

Space is limited.

There is only one “Diamond” and I have to be choosy about who enters this program.

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