Yesterday, I sent you a boatload of rock solid video content from a session where I was interviewed by one of the top real estate websites around named FlipNerd.  I want to personally thank you for the great questions that many of you had emailed me regarding those videos.

On a serious note, we are moving quickly through the year.

Are you anywhere near your goals for the year?

I know that this has been a big year for some of you in terms of your real estate goals.  I know that I am
currently in the process of planning my upcoming quarters of the year so that I can have a clear
idea of where I'm heading in terms of both my business and personal life.  Others of you have been facing

some challenges in getting the ball rolling.

Here is one idea for those looking to expand your real estate pipeline and finish off this year STRONG.

One strategy which has been there for me since day one of my creative real estate investing adventure has been short sales.  Although many people seem to think that short sales are difficult and take too much
personal time, I never looked at it that way.  I simply just put a team together that each handled a separate
part of the process and then it didn't matter if I was involved personally or not.

The only part that I was responsible for was making sure my marketing was paid for and then keeping my team members accountable for the rest.  If you are a wholesaler, landlord, lease option specialist or anything else, I applaud you. However, if you have not added the element of short sales to your business, you are missing out on big profit potential.

If you had an interest in understanding more about my personal system to automate the short sale
process, then you would love one of my best selling products.  It's called Short That Sale
and you can get it here at a discount.This is a real product that gets shipped to your doorstep and allows you to get off to a great start here in the new year.You deserve it!DavidPS This price goes back to the regular price soon, so make a strong decision for your business and finish off 2015 in a big way!PPS  For the first 3 of you who purchase, I will include a one on one call with me personally to outline the system

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